Evaluating Evidence

HUMANITIES Aim for 1500 words. Review the goals and objectives of the course. Investigate what you have learned and what you were supposed to learn.Generate and evaluate evidence. Establish a position on the course topic(s) in a concise manner. As a guideline address each of these questions. Each answer should be about a page in length (300 words). Be sure to include transition sentences between each page, creating a seamless essay. Also, ensure that you have a strong thesis statement and a strong conclusion. Analyze: Aim for 300 words. Review Module 1 or 2 (please choose only one). Summarize and explain the “big idea” and the main theme. Describe: Aim for 300 words. Consider the activities, lectures, and discussions connected to this Module. Describe some of these in great detail, or most of them briefly (choose between depth or breadth). How did these learning exercises help you understand the material? What did each lesson teach? Evaluate: Aim for 300 words. Emphasis the positive and negative aspects of the unit. What do you think went well? What did not? Focus on your opinions and support these with some kind of proof, information, or examples. Unsupported opinions are not acceptable. Interpret: Aim for 600 words. Consider why this theme (and its topics) were included in this course. What is the purpose of the unit? What is the meaning?

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