Justice And Law

Most individuals, when they think of justice believe that it should be fair, equal, and impartial, yet, when justice is meted out we sometimes find out that none of the three are present. We all have heard at least once in our lives that life is not fair, we discover that not all are equal, and that favoritism is rampant in society. Such is life and then we must take a course in ethics and we look at things and question right and wrong. How do we maintain our morals and remain ethical? This week’s activity is dealing with justice and law. You will complete three short activities related to justice and law; the instructions are as follows: Who Should Be Promoted? You are on a promotion committee to recommend to the chief of police a candidate for a captain’s position. All the nominees are lieutenants and have received similar scores on the objective tests available for the position. The following are the candidates: A thirty-nine-year-old woman who has been with the police department for nine years. She has obtained a college degree and a master’s degree by going to school at night. She has spent relatively little time in her career on the street (moving quickly to juvenile, community service, and DARE positions). A forty-six-year-old white male who has also had experience in command positions in the army before joining the police force. He has fifteen years of experience—all in patrol positions—and has a college degree. A forty-year-old Hispanic male with ten years of experience. He has been very active with the community. Several community groups have endorsed him, and they demand that there be Hispanic representation on the command staff. He also has strong support among Hispanic officers, serving as their association president. He has a two-year college degree. Whom would you endorse? Why? If you need more information, what type of information would you want? Explain how you would use this information. Finally, if this information were unavailable, how would you decide? Determining Severity: Rank the following crimes in order of seriousness, with 1 being the most serious and 12 being the least serious. Explain why and how you chose your top three. What ethical system did you use? Sexual assault (with force) Death caused by drunken driving Embezzlement of $15,000 Tax evasion of $15,000 Shoplifting ($15,000) Assault (broken bones) Robbery of $15,000 Sexual molestation (no penetration) Murder (during a barroom brawl) Drug possession (marijuana) Perjury Murder in the heat of passion Ethical Dilemma Exercise. You are an ardent liberal who believes that President Trump’s election was tainted by Russian interference. You plan to participate in a march in Washington, D.C., to oppose the President and his policies. At the march, several individuals plan to jump the fence of the White House and stage a sit-in. You know that the planned activities will constitute trespass and you will be arrested. Would you participate? Why or why not? Each section will be worth five (5) points and will be graded based on how the question is answered. I am looking for complete and thorough responses, in other words, a one sentence response might get 0 – 1 point, and so forth. I am looking for critical thinking and analyses. Do not forget to include your sources listed in APA format. It should look as follows:

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