Pain And Suffering

Background/Context Sontag ends her book with a discussion of Jeff Wall’s art piece, “Dead Troops Talk.”  (Links to an external site.)  The final section of her book begins with the question: “Is there an antidote to the perennial seductiveness of war?” (122). To which I would add: …and what role might images play in this antidote? The Jeff Wall picture seems to be one possible answer to her question–but why? What is it doing that other images in the book are not doing? Write an essay that argues for the importance/relevance of one or more of Sontag’s ideas about looking at images of pain and suffering.  Use research to establish the terms of your argument, and use a minimum of 8 quotes from Regarding to make your points/back up your claims. Explore and define the depictions—and implicit or explicit expectations of reaction that correspond to those depictions—of the pain of others in your general sphere of experience. The book is really about the effects (+/-) of the various common images of the outcomes of global violence. Which, if any, of these image types directly affect you?  Search for quotes that relate to your freewrites on the above bullet points. Three outside sources that cover distinctly different material (i.e. referring to three different social media sites to make one point does NOT constitute three sources). Cite all sources in MLA (and include a properly formatted Works Cited page—10 points). MLA document format: (see MLA Handbook and/or Purdue OWL link) typed, double-spaced, serif-font (Times New Roman or Cambria), 1” or 1.25” margins, name/pg.# on header.  our grade will be based, in large part, on the clarity of, and reasonable basis for, your claims (these claims will be contained in and/or explained in your reflections that can be part of this essay). It will also be based on how well you meet the requirements, and on syntax, grammar and structural integrity (paragraph-paragraph and sentence-sentence coherence). essays of sophisticated analysis and argumentation that reflect critical thinking in a style both rhetorically effective and conventionally correct . You will explore a line of inquiry and limit the topic appropriately, and you will establish and state a unifying thesis or proposition.  you will use examples, details, and other evidence to support or validate your thesis and other claims.

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