Understanding Rhetoric

Summarize and analyze the rhetorical strategies, assumptions, and logic of the following text about vampires “Visum et Repertum” – a report filed c.1732 by Johannes Fluchinger (i’ll be uploading the text in the files) After summarizing the text make sure you cover the follow in the paper – How would you assess the author’s rhetorical choices (e.g. ethos, logos, and/or pathos)? – What assumption(s) do you see included in this text, if any? – What kinds of logic (including, possibly, fallacious logic) do you see the author use or attempt to use (deduction, induction, and/or logical fallacies)? Please explain your reasoning. Each body paragraph should include at least one quote each from “Visum et Repertum”. Refrain from focusing much on your opinions or response to the text.

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