VIDEO LINK FOR REFERENCE – AFTER READING THE WORK OF CRISTIAN  PLEASE ELABORATE  A PARAGRAPH  (5+ sentences) in length TO COMMENT YOUR OPINION ABOUT IT   Christian Cabrera 1) I believe that this is a good idea for Target to implement because of how it may boost sales for the company. Target implementing an idea that will increase the publicity of the brand can benefit the company’s sales revenue. By having Target coming out in the news and media it has a chance of increasing the number of customers the company has been receiving the last couple of months before the free advertisement on the media. From a marketing standpoint, I believe that this is a great idea due to how since the implementation is controversial the public will be speaking about it which gives Target more publicity compared to its competitors. In addition, I believe that is also possible that the sales per customer increases due to how all the toys are in the same place which could increase the number of toys the customers buy. I believe that if the news about the company is not outright negative, that it can be beneficial for the brand. 2) The positives that can be associated with this change is that Target is trying to implement a rather controversial idea that may bring in more customers at their stores. This change can positively affect the brand as being a pioneer in its industry distancing itself from its competitors. Target may be receiving praise and acknowledgment from different famous individuals that agree with this new implementation. The negatives that may be associated with this change is that the implementation maybe to controversial causing many potential customers to shop somewhere else. It is possible that the same way the public might perceive the idea as a good implementation, the public can also comprehend it as a bad implementation. The media may talk very poor about the company decreasing the representation that the brand had before the implementation went public. 3) I believe that in the short run that this change will benefit Target to increase its marketing, sales, and brand name. I believe that if the marketing team is successfully able to have Target to be spoken about it in public that it has done a job that benefits the company. However, I believe that in the long term this doesn’t impact Target that significantly because of how after a few weeks the news about the implementation will settle down and the public will forget about the new idea that Target had. I believe that these implementations usually only benefit for a couple of months due to how Target is receiving more customer traffic than usual due to all the chatter about the decision. I believe that this decision is not going to keep Target far from its competitors in the industry and that they will have to continue to use other strategies to compete in the long term. 4) One can see how it was implemented in the Target website of the gender-neutral signs. In the toys category it is not divided by girls or boys but by age the child or by the specific category of the toy. I believe that the website does a successful job of implementing the gender-neutral signs in the toys section of the website because of how there is no mention of the word boys or girls. I don’t believe that there is anything that needs improvement on the website. The only suggestion that I believe can help improve the toy category is by having a subsection that shows the most sold and popular toys that the company has to offer. The reason I suggest this is because it gives the customer a gender-neutral option of picking products that are most publicly desirable. Other than this suggestion I believe that the website does well in its implementatioN AFTER READING THE WORK OF ALEXANDRA  PLEASE ELABORATE  A PARAGRAPH  (5+ sentences) in length TO COMMENT YOUR OPINION ABOUT IT Alexandra Ramos Fanjul  I personally believe this gender-neutral sign is a great idea for Target and any businesses that implement it. This would help all kids pick what they want when they go into the store without feeling shame because they are not on the aisle the store tells them they should be. I believe this creates more freedom and creativity for our younger generations. However, many people opposed to this idea because they believe that kids will have confusion with their gender, I personally opposed their comment because since I was younger, I tend to have more boys’ friends than girlfriends. I would usually play with them, mostly soccer and many other boys’ games and this never changed my sexual orientation. Target’s idea would only make kids have a choice for themselves. Before many kids were restricted into what color they could use, what toy they could play with, and I am happy that this is changing. This would have a great impact on jobs in the future, and I hope it helps eliminate many gender problems that should not exist. From a business point of view, Target is just listening to what the customer wants. Just like I mentioned in the previous question this could fix many gender problems that we still face today. For example, it will teach younger generations to not discriminate against any gender based on the job they like to do. Also, job raises should not be based on gender, they should be based on other factors such as how well are they doing their job. If we make store symbols for boys and girls neutral, kids will face less bullying at schools for the toys/clothes they decide to wear. Every kid, regardless of their preference or their sexual orientation, will feel more comfortable without feeling scared about what society will say about them. They will be able to express themselves better. I believe more people are opening their eyes to this topic and are being more accepting. Therefore, I think this would be great for Target as a business. It would have a significant impact overall; most likely they will also lose customers. But usually, every time a business makes a change there is always room to losing some customers. However, there is even more room to gain more customers who support their new idea. I believe Target is just listening to their customers since gender-neutral started because of a customer comment. They are realizing that more people are fighting to eliminate gender problems; therefore, they did their part to help with the problem, and I think customers will support them. When I went into the kids’ section on the online store website, they had gender-neutral merchandise; however, they still had the female and male option. Therefore, I think they are keeping the traditional and “new way” in their website, but mostly the traditional. They are probably introducing the change slowly. I did not see a big difference as I was expecting to see online. When I clicked on the female and the male option, I did see different stuff that did not show up in the gender-neutral. I did see the gender-neutral had more options that people could not really tell what gender it belonged to. I was expecting to see more in this section like different types of colors and different toys, but it only gave me 22 results for kids’ toys without selecting price or any other filter, only the gender-neutral. I hope to see more results in the future in this section because I do not believe it is fully implemented yet.

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